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ORIGINAL - Peddinghaus

Punches and Dies Made by Peddinghaus


All tools and parts are manufactured by Peddinghaus

Peddinghaus has been supplying standard punching tools of the same style for more than sixty years, nowadays, however of significally improved quality with closer machining tolerances. 

This means that you can obtain punches and dies ex stock even for a sixty years old Peddinghaus machine - and this is no rare case - enabling you to produce reliably.

Peddinghaus punches and dies are produced by state-of-the-art technology. Each punch and each die is manufactured with care from high-grade tool steel and hardened. Peddinghaus is a specialist in hardening technology which is of course implemented in the production of the punching tools as well as all attachments, gauging and measuring equipment, ledge tables - in short for everything which will take you a significant step ahead in your production. 

Many thousands of customers have made use for decades to their satisfaction of the excellent prices/performance ratio and the qualified assistance in solving their tooling questions.


PDF [3.2 MB]

On 70 pages, the Peddinghaus
Catalogue No. 7 - Punching Tools
provides detailed information on:

  • the complete standard program
  • special shape tools, tools for special punching or notching tasks
  • elements of punching attachments by machine model
  • useful information on punching technology

Tooling sets (ref. no. 316) are available
for punches and dies of the green, blue
and red series.


Punches and dies of the Peddinghaus program:


Green Series

for the quick-change punching attachment of our current range of steelworkers

catalogue no. 7
pages 3 - 9
PDF [459 KB]


Red Series

for the quick-change punching attachments
of past machine generations

catalogue no. 7
pages 10 - 15
PDF [248 KB]


Blue Series

for all oversize punching attachments, current and past generations

catalogue no. 7
pages 16 - 23
PDF [286 KB]


U.S. Style

for CNC punching lines

catalogue no. 7
pages 32 - 36
PDF [218 KB]



catalogue no. 7
pages 37 - 42
PDF [165 KB]


36 RP 10

catalogue no. 7
pages 43 - 46
PDF [461 KB]


punching machines

catalogue no. 7
pages 47 - 49
PDF [191 KB]