Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus GmbH
Hasslinghauser Str. 156
D-58285 Gevelsberg

tel: +49 (0) 2332-720
fax: +49 (0) 2332-72-208


Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus GmbH

manufacturer of hydraulically operated universal steelworkers,
punching machines, punches and dies


Peddinghaus have been building universal steelworkers for over 90 years.

Universal Steelworkers from Peddinghaus are to be found in operation throughout the world in places where sections are cut, punched or notched, where plate material and flat bar are cut to size and where steel construction is foremost.

Peddinghaus offer the most efficient solution to your shearing, punching and notching problems. The range of products runs from simple hand-lever tools to fully automatic processing centres.

A vast stock of tools and accessories ensures continuous operation as well as the universal solution to all shearing and punching applications.

Besides punches and dies and special tooling, the Peddinghaus range includes the new generation of combined section shears - models Peddicat No. 1, Peddiworker No. 1 and Peddimax no. 1 - as well as the high-performance HYDRAULIC punching machines and the well-known hand-lever shears and punching machines.