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CNC contact length stop


CNC Contact Length Stop



The automatic CNC contact length stop has been designed for use on the section and flat shear station of the Peddinghaus range of combined steelworkers.

The automatic CNC contact length stop guarantees shearing of your workpieces with utmost accuracy. Mounted to the section and flat shear and combined with a hydraulic hold-down, the length stop provides a perfect system for series production.



Design features

  • smoothed, rugged aluminium guide ensuring optimal traversing of the measuring head
  • the brush-less servomotor allows silent movement of the measuring head
  • quick and easy edition and input of production programs
  • LCD display featuring large letters
  • preselection counter for the production quantities
  • IP65-protected against water and dirt

Mode of operation

  • The automatic contact length stop equipped with stop head moves into the selected position.
  • The cutting operation starts as soon as the workpiece is pushed against the stop head.
  • After cutting the stop head draws slightly back allowing the cut-off material to drop into the bin provided for this purpose.
  • After the process the stop head returns into initial position.
  • The next cutting operation is ready to be started.


Technical data

positioning accuracy:


processing lengths:

from 50 to 1,000mm*

positioning speed:


program memory:

999 programs

motor data:

3,000 rpm - 0.40kW


*other lengths upon request